Friday, August 3, 2012

Primed Pipeline

I have been on an inventory and planning kick of late.  In that spirit, here is an inventory of my figures for this project, organized by battalions and regiments.  These figures are all base-coated and good to go.

I know I am coming back to this list,  bacause I know that I have recently primed some figures I can't find.  But this is most of them.

Style Line Grenadiers LI HC Dragoons Hussars Guns Howitzer
Brit 4 1

Prussian 1

1 3 1
Austrian 5
1 1

2 2

 In addition, there are some not-yet-organized bits and pieces.

Mounted Leaders 3
Mounted Brigadiers 9
Dismounted Brig 2
Engineers 16
Nobles 6
Carriage 1
Siege Mortars  2

This is over 300 foot and almost 100 horse; probably another 60 figures beyond that.  Counting hoses and guns at 2 points, this is the equivalent of painting about 600 foot.

Should be good fun.

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