Monday, June 18, 2012

Supplies for Stutz

The Bravantois siege of Sutz is in its fourth week, and supplies are short.  Drakenburg has dispatched a supply column, escorted by a line infantry regiment, grenzers, and two regiments of horse.

As they are approach the fortress, they are surprised by a Bravantois battalion, responding rapidly to the alarm.

But they receive a poor reward for their promptness; the hussars and the lead battalion put paid to them rapidly.

An auspicious beginning for Drakenburg forces.
 But the column does not go far before fresh threats are perceived on the right -- jaegers backed up by line infantry.

The cavalry moves to cover, while the column plans to divert by the road farthest from he threat.  The wagons will never manage cross country.
But as the advance moves around and prepares to climb the last hill before the fortress a Bravantois battalion that has crept to edge of the forest near the road charges out from ambush, hitting both the march column and the wagon train.
The wagoners run for their lives, while the undeployed infantry column, disordered by the attack, falls back to regroup.  But, to add insult to injury, fresh Bravanois cavalry have smashed the covering Drakenburg horse, and now pile on to the struggling infantry.

 Soon the situation for the column is quite untenable.
While the grenzers who have slipped past the enemy and raced away for help are too late; that small force is the sole aid the garrison receives.  Nevertheless, the siege continues.

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