Monday, December 12, 2011

Campaign Thoughts

There's nothing like a fun game to get one thinking about a PBEM campaign.  Rob has shouldered the burden for a couple of long-running Diplomacy campaigns and it would be nice to take my turn a bit. 

The basic plan would be to create an Imagi-Nations map -- perhaps using the method published by Henry Hyde for the Faltenian Succession (See Battlegames 4), perhaps using a separate continent based on something like the Blitzkrieg map -- with 3 major powers (Drakenburg, Bravant and Stuz-Berkatz) and 4-6 minors.  Players would submit orders every couple of weeks and I would adjudicate, resolve battles solo and communicate results.  The backbone would probably be the rules from Battlegames with a very few twists.

Since the players would be scattered around the country -- or further -- a lot of interest would have to be in the intrigue and the operational campaigning rather than in the battles themselves.  In fact, as long as the players have fun it would not actually bother me if no-one fought a battle.

I will have to mine the literature for examples of intrigue and dirty tricks -- I watched a documentary on Catherine the Great last night which certainly left me with an impression of  Enlightenment politics as a full contact sport.

I would value thoughts on this from all and sundry.

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