Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Duke of Bravant

Bravant is the most French influenced of the imagined enlightenment states.  It also, at this moment, has the strongest army.

 Here the duke (Francois III)  himself inspects the drill  of the Lachine regiment.

The Lachine uniform is in the French style, with a coat of unbleached wool, and pale blue turnbacks, yellow trim on the tricorns.


  1. A warm welcome to the Imagi-Nary Lace Wars blogging community!
    Do you know the Emperor vs Elector collective blog / flashnews board / forum / dazibao? very friendly place!


  2. Thank you! Emperor vs Elector is one of my inspirations, and I hope soon to extend this blog from a catalog of my armies to tales of their adventures.